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How We Differ From Other Wrap Retailers

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  • Our Vegan Food Wraps are handmade by us in the UK - NOT imported - so we know exactly what's gone into making them.
  • We ONLY make vegan wraps - so there's no risk of cross-contamination with beeswax.
  • Our Wraps are suitable for all types of kitchen - vegan, vegetarian or omni.
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  • We're absolutely straight with our customers - we make vegan wraps, but we're not vegan and we don't lead our vegan.customers to believe we are. (We're on the journey to being vegetarian)
  • We use only 3 natural ingredients on our 100% cotton Wraps - candelilla wax, cold-pressed jojoba oil and natural tree resin.
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  • Because of the ingredients we use, our Wraps have a fresh aroma - not something like Eau de Cooking Oil.
  • They do their job - we've thoroughly tested different blends of wax, oil and resin and this blend fits the bill - it adheres to food, glassware and crockery without any problem.
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  • We offer generously sized Wraps and accurate descriptions - the sizes on our website are the MINIMUM size you can expect.  
  • All our Wraps are professionally finished to ensure the edges don't fray - check out the pics on our website.
  • We include a handy storage bag as standard - no extra charge..

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