FAQs - Any Questions?

Here I hope you'll find the answers to all the questions you may have about Love & Congrats.
I'm bound to have missed obvious questions you may have so if you've got a question that I haven't covered here, then please send your question via the Contact page and I'll include it on this page.
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  1. Is Love & Congrats a bricks and mortar shop? 

    No I don't have a shop on the high street. However I do attend a variety of events where you can see the products, "in the flesh," as it were. In addition, I book regular slots at quality locations as a pop-up shop.  

    You can find all my events here - and if you know of anywhere you think might be suitable for me as a pop-up shop, just let me know.   

  2. Are all items handmade by Jan?
    All fabric and beaded items such as Name Garlands, Mobiles and Hanging Decorations are designed and made by me. As a result of customer requests, the business has evolved and I now also offer wooden items, such as the Fairy Doors and Memory Boxes which I hand-paint and decorate.

  3. Can I only order from this site?
    No, if you attend an event I'm at, then please, by all means, order from me there. I'll take details from you and if you can pick up from me at another event we agree on, then there'll be no postage. If that's not possible then there will be an additional postage charge as per this site.   

  4. Can I buy at the events you're at, or do you only have sample items at events? 
    I have a range of samples and ready-to-buy items at each event.  For example, I carry a range of Name Plaques with me to all events - if there's one literally, "with your name on it," then it's yours !

  5. What are the delivery charges?
    My UK delivery charges are here. Message me for charges for elsewhere.

  6. How can I save on postage?
    If you live local to any of the events I attend, just message me to see if I can get your order done by the date of the event. If I can, then we can arrange for you to pick up your order direct from me, thus saving on postage charges. You can check the events I'm attending here. 

  7. When will I get my order?
    Normal turn-around for orders is up to 4 weeks - if I can get it to you sooner then I will.  As I'm sure you'll understand, at times like Xmas, it may be longer than the 4 weeks.

  8. What if I need my order by a specific date?
    If you know you need an item by a set date then please contact me at the earliest opportunity and let me know the date - before you order - to see if I can do it within your timescale.  

  9. What colours can I choose from?
    Colours of fabrics and beads are here. Wooden items have the colour options on the order page.
  10. What's next for Love & Congrats?
    Who knows?  If you want to keep up with what I'm up to then you could just keep checking back here and maybe picking up the odd snippet of news OR you could sign up to my email list to find out. Sign up here - I promise you won't get a ridiculous amount of emails - tbh you'll be lucky if you get one a fortnight - but when you do it'll be filled with info on what I'm up to, where I'll be and, most important of all, any special offers I'm running.