Name Garlands

Give a Unique, Handmade Name Garland and you'll always be remembered as the one whose gift was WOW.

My garlands have something other garlands don't offer - independently moving pieces - ideal if you want to bunch your garland up to fit a small space or spread it out if you have a larger space. The choice is yours. Click on the pics above to view full size images.

You can have up to 10 letters on a 2 metre ribbon.  £24 for the first three letters and then £6 per letter after that.

Order your Name Garland here. 

Those letters which have a hole in them such as, "R" "A" or "O" will have a hand-sewn bead to represent the hole - this will be in a colour which complements the fabric chosen.   

Choose from a range of colours/patterns to suit your colour scheme.  Click here to view the fabrics page.

Order your Name Garland here.