a picture of 2 Vegan waxed food wraps. one holding raisins the other wrapped around a dish

My special hand-blended wax infusion contains only
No added chemicals, just simple, natural ingredients

A picture of a vegan waxed food wrap from V-Eco Food Wraps around the end of a cucumber and a bowl of tomatoes

PLEASE NOTE my Wraps contain pine resin. If you're allergic to this resin, I recommend you DO NOT USE ANY WRAPS that contain it. If you are unsure, please seek advice and guidance from a health professional, PRIOR to purchase.

How Does The V-ECO WrapRound™ Work? 
You simply secure the Wrap by.pushing the knot and wooden toggle along the cotton cord – yes it’s that easy!. These non-sticky vegan Wraps contain just three natural ingredients which are blended to create a unique infusion specifically for the WrapRound™.  The cord and toggle ensure the Wraps are secure - when covering a bowl, you'll know they're secure when you Tap The Wrap™ - it'll sound like a drum!
You can use WrapRound™ to cover cold food in a basin or directly round fresh fruit or veg. Unlike our former Food Wraps, you don't need to rely on the activation of the resin to make them stick, so the WrapRound™ has a longer life. So simple!.

A picture of V-Eco Food Wraps and cucumber and green beans


How Do The V-ECO ButtyWrap™ and SoapSaver™ Work?
The ButtyWrap™ and SoapSaver™ are non-sticky Wraps that are so easy to use.  You simply wrap your butty or soap as if you were wrapping a gift and then wrap the cotton cord around  the natural coconut buttons in a figure of eight motion to secure them.  Simple!


A picture of V-Eco Butty Wraps and cucumber and green beans
A picture of a V-Eco Food Wrap, celery and green beans


Easy To Clean?
 Very easy – just wash in COOL water with washing-up liquid - make sure it lathers up well, as this makes it more effective at removing bacteria. 
As they're waxed, the water just rolls off them. Hang to dry away from any heat source. Once dry, just pop them into their cotton draw=string bag.
DON'T wash in hot water as this will melt the wax and render your Wrap unusable



Are The WrapRound™, ButtyWrap™ And SoapSaver™ Meant To Be Non-Sticky?
Yes, The toggle on the cotton cord is what secures your WrapRound™ to your kitchenware and food;; and winding the cord round the buttons on the ButtyWrap™ and SoapSaver™ is what secures them.   
I therefore don't need to make them sticky. This in turn means they have a longer life than sticky wraps and save you more money in the long-run.


A picture of various V-Eco Food Wraps on crockery

Why Do You No Longer Make The Sticky Food Wraps? 
It's simply because the WrapRound™ lasts much longer than the sticky Food Wraps.  The WrapRound™ doesn't have to rely on the resin to hold it in place - it stays secure with the use of the wooden toggle.
With all sticky Food Wraps on the market, you have to scrunch them up to activate the resin and over time they will not work as well; so I designed the WrapRound™ as a longer-lasting alternative. It still keeps food fresh and seals around your crockery and glassware or directly around food.

A picture of V-Eco Food Wraps and cucumber and green beans


Anything I Can't Wrap? 
DON'T use Wraps where they will come into contact with a heat source eg. oven, microwave, sunlight etc.
DON'T cover hot food as this will melt the wax and signal the demise of your wrap.
If used in an Omni kitchen DON'T wrap raw meat or fish as your Wraps would then need to be washed in a high temperature water, which would melt the wax.  


A picture of celery wrapped in a V-Eco Food Wrap and a bowl of tomatoes and a bowl of green beans
A picture of green beans and celery wrapped in V-Eco Food Wraps in a dish with tomoates

How Can I Be Sure These Wraps Are Suitable For Vegans? 
V-Eco Food Wraps are certified by Viva!Vegan.  All V-Eco Wraps are handmade by me in the UK - NOT imported, so I know what's gone into them.  I use only quality ingredients and reputable UK suppliers. 
Also, I don't make beeswax wraps AND vegan wraps -I MAKE ONLY VEGAN WRAPS. You can be sure there is no chance of cross-contamination with animal by-products in V-Eco Food Wraps - and because they're Vegan Wraps, they're suitable for all - Vegan, Vegetarian & Omni.

A picture of green beans, cucumber and tomatoes in V-Eco Food Wraps


Does The Wax Affect The Colour Of The Wraps?
Yes. Your Wraps will have a golden hue to the lighter parts of the fabric design.  This is simply due to the natural colour of the wax and has no effect on your food.


Why Only Use Candelilla And Jojoba?
I could use cheaper oils and waxes, but having carried out a wide variety of tests on different mixes, I decided the smell of cheap mixes was off-putting - "Eau de Used Cooking Oil" was not what I was after! Instead, I chose to use candelilla wax and cold-pressed jojoba, believing quality ingredients are the core of any quality product.  My unique blend of candelilla, jojoba & tree resin gives a natural aroma which is not over-powering or offensive..

A picture of a daisy with the words, "Fresh as a..."
A picture of celery in a V-Eco Food Wrap and a bowl of tomatoes and a dish of green beans

Why Do You Over-Lock The Edges Of Each Wrap?
For me, it's about the quality of the product.  I could simply pink the Wraps, as others do, but I want to ensure the edges are professionally finished and won't fray after several uses and so decided that while it lengthened the process for me, I would rather offer a quality Wrap than gain a fast buck. 

 What Are The Sizes Of The Wraps?
I offer generous sizes and accurate descriptions.  Unlike other wrap retailers, I don't claim they're a certain size and then say, "size may be slightly smaller because they're handmade" Instead I tell you the minimum size you can expect to receive, so that you're not disappointed by an inaccurate description. 

The minimum size of each Wrap is:
Small - 19 x 19cm        Medium - 29 x 29cm        Large - 34 x 34cm

A picture of salad and celery in V-Eco Food Wraps
Sultanas in a V-Eco Food Wrap and a dish wrapped in a vegan waxed wrap

How Long Do They Last?  
.As the WrapRound™, ButtyWrap™ & SoapSaver™ are not reliant on the activation of the resin in them to make them stick, their durability is expected to be well beyond a year - dependent on usage.

Are The Wraps Recyclable? 
Indeed they are! They’re bio-degradable so you can recycle them by popping them on your compost heap.


Can I Choose Which Design I Want? - I Don't Want, "A Lucky Dip."
Of course you can! I don't expect you to accept, "patterns/colours may vary," Instead, you select the designs you'd like from my range and will receive exactly that.


V-Eco Food WRaps in a variety of fabric designs
A picture of strawberries and blueberries

As with any food cover you currently use, general kitchen hygiene precautions must be followed. Please ensure the food you wrap is dealt with appropriately prior to wrapping - this includes its storage, cleaning and cooling.
Useful links related to food handling:

  • Truly Vegan product - other wraps claim to be vegan but have beeswax listed in their ingredients - not V-Eco Food Wraps,
  • No Chance of Cross-Contamination with Non-Vegan Ingredients - I make ONLY Vegan Wraps,so there is no chance that ingredients could be mixed up. Perfect if you don't eat meat or are allergic to beeswax or propolis.
  • Range of Designs - I've sourced funky fabrics to brighten up any kitchen and will add further designs, so keep checking back.
  • Thorough Testing of Our Infusion - I've tried and tested so many permutations of ingredients to get to my unique blend and ensure your Food Wraps do their job.
  • Handy Storage Bag - I include a cotton bag for easy storage of your Wraps - at no extra charge
  • UK Delivery - charges are clearly indicated at checkout.  For all UK orders over £55 there is no charge for postage
  •  International Delivery clearly stated at point of order.

If you have any questions about my Wraps that I haven't covered, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me - I'd love to hear from you.