The PicnicPack™ Perfect for al fresco dining whether you're out on a picnic or simply on your patio

Want a more co-ordinated look to your al fresco dining? Looking for a lightweight solution to carting plastic boxes and cumbersome cutlery sets around? Well pack a PicnicPack™

Perfect for Summer dining or year-round general storage, this pack of vegan, waxed wraps is great for
all sorts of food that need wrapping to keep fresh.

The pack's contents are as follows and the full details can be viewed when you click the Browse & Buy button at the bottom of this page:
(Please note the hamper basket and crockery/glassware are not included in this set)

3 x WrapRound,   3 x WindRound,   3 x CondimentCovers,
1 x CutleryCaddy (4 place-setting 20cm bamboo cutlery),   1 x LoafLover,   1 x BaguetteBuddy

Add PicnicPack™ To Your Collection Of V-Eco Food Wraps™

What Would Life Be Like With A PicnicPack™?

  • Enjoy a co-ordinated look to your picnic or patio dining. 
  • No more fighting with unruly cling film - in this pack there's a wrap for everything.
  • No lugging heavy cutlery - the bamboo pieces are lightweight yet sturdy. 
  • If making ethical choices is important to you, this pack is perfect as it contains no animal by-products
  • Ideal if you're allergic to beeswax wraps or bee by-products.
  • Makes a useful Eco-friendly gift for family and friends!
  • Save yourself some money. How many rolls of clingfilm or tinfoil do you buy in a year to try to keep your food fresh? How many packs of disposable cutlery do you buy for picnics? Banish these from your kitchen for good with this reusable eco pack.
  • Wrap all sorts of cold food - of all sorts of sizes.
  • Easily clean your wraps - simply wash flat with cold water and washing-up liquid - keep away from heat, then just air dry. Wash the cutlery in warm soapy water - do not leave to soak.
  • Build your collection of my wraps, with matching funky fabrics.

For general information and care instructions of your Wraps please see. "V-Eco Wrap Facts."
CAUTION: My Wraps contain pine resin. If you are allergic to this DO NOT USE ANY WRAPS which contain it. If you are unsure please seek medical advice PRIOR to purchase.