Wedding Celebration Candelabra

  Would you like something special for your Wedding. Civil Ceremony or Joining Celebration?  Looking for the WOW factor?   Why not hire my beaded candelabra? (Merseyside only)

  It's really simple to order - once you've decided which how many you'd like and which design, (choose from Realistic Roses or "Paisley" iridescent decorations) just fill in this form with your details and, as long as your date is available I'll deliver them to your chosen location, (Merseyside only) fully decorated and pick them up once your Wedding celebration is over.

Included in the hire price are LED "Flicker Flame" candles, which I strongly recommend you use. These are battery-operated candles, so you'll have no worries about lit candles and dripping wax at your celebration.

(Please note that where you choose to light wax candles (not supplied), this is entirely at your own risk - Love & Congrats will not be held responsible for any accidents resulting from the use of naked flames).

Hire of the candelabra is £50 per day (which includes a £25 security deposit - payable at the time of booking and refunded in full if there's no damage on return).Complete this form to secure your date today!